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Neuro ElectroPhysiology

Neuro electrophysiology is a fast developing field in medical science. It operates at the crossing of neurosciences, cellular engineering and signal processing. This is the first and only masters programme in the field of neurotechnology in India. This course enables the neurotechniologist to perform and interpret electrophysiology procedures. The students will acquire skills to assess the patient and plan various electrodiagnostic procedures and implement them


Electronystagmography is a sophisticated test for evaluating the functioning of the balance system. It is the primary test of balance function and is mandatory in all patients suffering from vertigo and imbalance, i.e. giddiness and instability.


The EMG test consists of two parts. The first part is called Nerve Conduction Study. During this test brief electrical shocks are delivered to your arm or leg to evaluate the status of the peripheral nerve fibers by recording how well small electrical impulses travel through the fiber nerves.


The Veterinary Neurological Center routinely conducts BAER clinics to determine if pets (usually puppies) can hear. People often request BAER testing be performed on their litter because it is the most accurate method to prove if their puppies are able to hear. Testing is painless, takes about 5-10 minutes, and is performed on awake patients. Upon completion of the test, the owner receives documentation of the results


Visual Evoked Potentials (VEP): This test will require that you observe a flashing checkerboard pattern projected on a monitor. If you have eyeglasses, please bring them to use during testing. Electrodes will be placed on your scalp and shoulder. This procedure may take up to 60 minutes to complete. Patients unable to focus on the screen, such as young children, will be given special goggles.


Electro Neuro Myography (ENMG): It is a sophisticated test for evaluating the function of nerves, neuro muscular junction disorders,muscle disorders.